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Innovation test set from the company «Progressive Solutions»

Specialists of the company «Progressive Solutions» created a test set for simulating fluid streams through pipelines and integrated assessment of the influence of additives on turbulization of these streams.

This test set allows to:

  • carry out a comparative analysis of various additives.
  • determine the optimal concentration of the additives for different situations.
  • simulate different conditions of fluid streams for different products and evaluate the influence of additives on these modes.

The importance of this test set for the performance of experiments in the laboratory is obvious. Today testing of additives is carried out in real pipelines, as previously there was no opportunity to carry out the selection and comparative analysis as well as simulate the work of additives under laboratory conditions. The test set solved this problem and now it is possible to carry out tests without risks that accompany tests in real conditions.

The JSC «SvNII NP» (the JSC «NK Rosneft») became interested in the work. Negotiations on the mutual development of a methodology for assessing the effects of additives on the flow of oil through pipelines at this test set are being conducted. Also the company received orders from major Russian companies.

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