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April,3 - the company participated in the iv international conference «Diesel-2014»

On the 3rd of April in Moscow, hotel «Baltchug Kempinsky Moscow», the conference «Diesel 2014» took place as a part of «Week of fuel», where the most important problems and development trends of fuel industry were discussed. The event was supported by Russian Scientific-Research Institute of Oil Products. One of the subjects of the conference was long-term storage of diesel fuels with depressants and without them. The problem of substitution of foreign additives with the Russian ones is particularly topical taking into consideration economic sanctions against Russia.

Archil Jaliashvili, the general director of the company «Progressive Solutions» noted in his speech that cooperation between Russian manufacturers of additives and military developed extremely difficult. There are no regulations which would register cases that require admittance for the use of additives in fuels for the military industrial sector. Oil companies are also at a loss to answer this question clearly. In this regard Mr. Jaliashvili proposed to stimulate import substitution by including a pool of Russian manufacturers of additives, whose products would be recommended for the use in diesel fuels for the State Defense Order, in GOST.

In order to examine this issue Mr. Shatalov, the head of scientific and testing center for the qualification assessment of fuels and oils FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) «25 State Research and Development Institute of chemmotology of Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation» invited Mr. Jaliashvili to take part in a meeting of Coordination academic board on problems of rational and effective use of combustive and lubricating materials, where manufacturers of oil products as well as manufacturers of equipment participate. Also the expert noted that the procedure of admission is a whole range of measures providing quality and safety of fuels, including monitoring of compliance with the technology and continuous monitoring of the production status.

Archil Jaliashvili

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