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Cement and concrete production

Concrete pouring and cement grouting in cold weather is complicated by retarding setting of concrete mixture. The use of additives for cement mixture and concrete additives for accelerating (or vice versa, slowing) of setting and providing concrete hardening at low ambient temperatures leads to the appearance of a number of side effects: antifreeze additives are toxic, cause corrosion of reinforcement and often decompose with the release of dangerous gas — ammonia in the further operation of buildings.

Ammonia is harmful to human health (maximum permissible concentration in the air for the settlements 0.2 (single) — 0.4 (daily average) mg/m3) and causes headaches, irritation of eyes and upper respiratory tracts. The use of nitrogen-containing additives during the pouring of cement and concrete results in the release of ammonia into the premises; its concentration is 2-3 times larger than the average daily allowable concentration. In order to reduce the concentration of NH3 special chemical compounds and concrete additives can be used; they bind the escaping ammonia in stable compounds (complexes).

Another aspect, important for the production of high-quality concrete, foam- and gas-concrete structures, is to obtain smooth and clean surfaces. In monolithic construction as well as in the manufacturing of single products the problem of form removal is solved by applying special formwork (forming) fluid, which helps to obtain even and smooth surface. Forming fluid also prevents corrosion of metal molds.

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