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LLC «Progressive solutions» was established in 2010 as a Russian manufacturer of additives for diesel fuels. The work upon conclusion of series of agreements with suppliers of raw materials and assessing organizations began; approval of technical documentation, certification and implementation of already approved additives and making of new recipes started.

2011 — Agreement with VNII NP (Russian Scientific Research Institute for Oil Industry) regarding mutual wоrk

2011 — Manufacturing of cetane improver «Pro-cetan plus 51» started

2011 — The company «Eurenco SNPЕ» became our partner

2012 — License agreement with the Austrian company Lang Chemie upon manufacturing of anti-wear additives is signed

2012 — Production of anti-wear additives «LCA 300» and «Prolub 353» started

2012 — Anti-wear additives produced by «Progressive Solutions» are included in BP no-harm list

2012 — Conclusions and official approvals by VNII NP are received on production of diesel fuel with cetane-improver at the following refineries of the oil company Rosneft: Syzransky, Novokuibyshevsky, Achinsky, Kuibyshevsky and Angarsky refineries.

2012 — Conclusions and official approvals by VNII NP are received on production of diesel fuel with cetane-improver at JSCo «LUKOIL» (all plants), at Omsk and Moscow refineries owned by JSCo «Gazpromneft», at the LLC «KINEF»

2012 — first industrial supplies of the cetane-improver to the plants of the oil company Rosneft

2012 — the development of depressor-dispersant additive for diesel fuel started

2013 — REACH-certificate of European Chemicals Agency for the production of the cetane-improver is obtained

2013 — the registration of the trade mark «Procetan C451» which was introduced instead of «Pro-cetane plus 51»

2013 — mutual work with German colleagues on the synthesis of polymethacrylates started

2013 — the following products with the positive conclusions are developed:

  • forming liquid ProEco Form-FT
  • absorbent of ammonia ProEco NH3
  • bitumen modifier ProFlex S-2

2013 — The decision on diversification is made. In the field of oil production and refining the following compositions are developed: emulsifiers, demulsifiers, depressor, mutual solvent, corrosion inhibitor, anti-corrosive composition, scale inhibitors, anti-turbulent additive and salts for heavy kill fluids

2014 — first industrial supplies of the catane-improver to Omsk and Moscow oil refineries owned by JSCo «Gazpromneft»

2014 — The depressant-dispersant additive «ProFlow» was tested successfully by VNII NP, including tests for the long-term storage of diesel fuel with the additive